What We Do

We cover a variety of different topics in our magazine to help you stay informed about the latest activity in the engineering industry. Here are some of the topics we cover in our magazine.

Architectural Engineering

Our main focus is engineering in the world of architecture and building design. We believe that the use of engineering principles can completely transform the way that homes, offices, retail spaces, and industrial complexes are created and used. Our magazine features some of the most interesting construction and remodeling feats from around the world, as well as reports on new trends and innovations regarding architectural engineering.

Electrical Engineering

We’ll also cover innovations in electrical engineering and how this is changing the technology we use every day, such as computers. Electrical engineering is responsible for some of the most interesting discoveries and innovations in our modern era, and we believe that electrical engineering will continue to be a major part of the way that new technologies are built. We feature the latest cutting-edge breakthroughs in electrical engineering.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is very important for the broader growth of our society as a whole, as it focuses on the construction of essential features such as roads, bridges, tunnels, and public buildings. We cover the latest developments in civil engineering, as well as information and opinion pieces on this important sector in the engineering field.

Environmental and Agricultural Engineering

These are two of the most important topics in engineering today. Environmental engineering focuses on new technological developments that protect the earth and its residents, while agricultural engineering focuses on new ways to produce food. With our planet facing major environmental challenges, we think these sub-sectors of engineering are more important than ever, and we’re excited to cover them here in our magazine.

In addition to the articles and topics that we cover in our magazine, we host events for those in the engineering community throughout the year in several major cities throughout the US and Europe. Our conventions bring together innovative professionals from throughout the engineering world and present new technologies and methods, as well as important speakers in the field.

We also offer some perks for our paid subscribers. Those in the engineering field not only get access to more of our articles, but you can also connect with us online to ask questions and learn more about our content. Our subscribers also have access to a networking feature, which allows them to connect with others in the engineering industry.