8 Changes That Will Instantly Refresh Your Kitchen

If you’re sick of your kitchen, there’s plenty of things you can do to instantly change the way it looks and feels. The kitchen is one of the social centers of your home, so you want it to feel welcoming and vibrant. If you aren’t ready to take on a whole kitchen remodel just yet from a reputable company like McDermott Home Remodeling, there are many other changes you can make that will make a huge difference in the overall impression your kitchen makes. Here are 8 of the best ways to make a change to your kitchen.

  1. Re-tile your floor.

Tiled floor is very trendy right now, and switching from a traditional vinyl flooring to chic tiles is actually easier than you might think. In fact, depending on the size of your kitchen, you may even be able to complete this project in a weekend or two on your own. There are many different kinds of tiles out there, but to make your space look really stylish, opt for light tones, like cream, or even colors like blue or yellow.

  1. Add new lighting.

Switching up the lighting in your space is another great way to change the mood in your kitchen. If you can, the first thing to do is add natural light by adding windows or even a skylight. If that’s not an option, another great way to make a change is by using hanging or wall lighting instead of recessed lighting. This creates a softer effect that makes the kitchen seem more homey.

  1. Switch your fixtures.

This is one of the easiest tried-and-true ways to make your kitchen look just a little bit more stylish. You can change out the fixtures on your door handles, cabinet knobs, and sink to give your kitchen a bit more personality. Try shopping online as well as at local antique shops and design boutiques to find new fixtures.

  1. Put a new stain on your cabinets.

If you don’t have the time or money to install new cabinets, you can still change the way they look by putting a new stain or coat of paint on your existing ones. If you’re looking to make your kitchen a bit woodsier and more rustic, you can add a darker stain, or if you want to make the kitchen feel brighter and more welcoming, you can opt for a lighter color paint instead.

  1. Switch out your stools.

Changing out your bar stools is an incredibly easy way to change the way your kitchen looks. If you don’t have the money to invest in brand new ones, there are tons of DIY projects you can do to make your stools more attractive. For example, you can add new upholstery in a more attractive fabric, or you can paint the framework to change the color.

  1. Add new artwork.

If you’re trying to achieve a different vibe in your kitchen than what you have now, one of the best ways to change that is by switching out the artwork. Bright new pieces or even modern, minimalist ones change the character of your space and make it very unique to you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different pieces to find one that suits you.

  1. Clean up your surfaces.

If you typically keep ingredients and knick-knacks out on your counters, try moving them somewhere else in the home. Clean lines instantly make a kitchen look more appealing and elegant, and it’s such an easy change to make. If you don’t have enough storage for everything, consider installing new open shelving on your walls. You’ll still have a great place to display your items, and you’ll keep your countertops clean too.

  1. Add a pop of color.

If your kitchen is currently feeling just a bit too blah, the best way to change that is by adding a pop of color. Pick one of your favorite spaces in the kitchen and try painting it to emphasize it. For example, if you love your dining chairs, emphasize them with a bold blue or red. You can also try painting just one wall or even the ceiling to switch things up.